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Sandy, you might want to ask G or the hospice people about her pain meds. Some pain meds like morphine decrease the body's need for oxygen. At this point, that sounds like an added bonus. I suppose your mom was panicing when she couldn't breathe which actually increased her need for oxygen and made it even worse. I know I'd panic big time.

You and your mom are in my prayers.

Love, Barb
Barb, yes, that's exactly what was happening. She'd remove the oxygen then panic cause she needed it so badly.

Yesterday, even when we put it back in, her breathing wouldn't level out. So they did start the morphine last night and around the clock. I feel so sad about that........yet she isn't suffering any more, struggling for air as she had been.

I dread so badly going down there this morning, knowing that I may never talk to her again. Yet, I feel guilty, too, because I am glad that she is resting and no longer struggling for air.

Such mixed emotions.....