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I had it done almost 20 years ago now. Wow it doesn't seem that long ago. I was in my 30's I always had a deep overbite but my teeth were starting to really lean in and were getting crooked. I had braces put in but then I was told I needed to have the surgery or my bite would collapes. I was freaked out about having my jaw wired shut The surgeon said there was a possibilty he could put plates and pins in so my mouth could open up a tiny bit for a baby spoon to fit in. I opted for that if he could do it.
The surgery was 5 1/2 hours. I was in intensive care afterwards with my head wrapped in bandages for swelling. I had tubes down my nose. They had me on morphine but I hated it so I was taking tylenol. I really wasn't in pain. I think my hubby was more freaked than I was. My nurse was at my side and she did have to suction me through the tubes down my nose. That was a scary sensation at first but then it was glad she did it. We watched tv together all night. My worse pain was my catheder pulling on my bladder because some fool had taped it to my thigh and they didn't realize it until the next day.
I went home the 3rd day. I looked like an accident victim. I bruised all the way down my chest. I really felt ok but didn't look so good. Even the shape of my eyes were different from the swelling. I didn't eat much for 8 weeks. mashed egg, pudding etc. I could open my mouth just a little. I was thin before the surgery so I was told to pack on the pounds. Oh boy....well I guess my body resisted losing weight because I lost only 13 pounds and then gained in all back plus some when I started eating. So much for being thin.
I had been told I might not ever get the feeling back in my face since the nerves were cut. Over the next several months the feeling came back but not in my lips or my chin. I couldn't tell when hubby kissed me or if I had food running down my chin. 7 years later, I was getting into my car on a very windy night and the car door was blown into my face as I was getting in. The next morning I had most of my feeling back in my face. Go figure that one. My chin didn't get back all of the sensation. I know when my hand is on in but I still don't always know if I have food or something there.
The surgery was worth it. I have beautiful teeth and it really softened my hard features lining my profile up. However, I would have had my jaws completely wired shut instead of the plates as there is something in the plates that caused me to get burned in a MRI even though the plates are titanium. I now can't have a MRI and that is a good tool to have available. Oh and I wrinkled my lips up trying to keep them off the surgical wires. Use wax so you don't wrinkle prematurely.. Those are the bad things I say about the procedure. THe surgery wasn't bad