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Dear Cynann,

Sorry nobody has replied to you earlier, but this is one thread most people don't like to talk about. It has been discussed in other posts however, but you need an answer now.

If this is, in fact, 'the end' for your dear Dad, then he will not feel any of the normal feelings when the body requires sustinance, because the body is shutting down and no longer requires input to keep going. If anything, food an fluid will upset him and hurt him. If his carers feel this is 'the end' then he will be on palliative care, which means he can have morphine (although that's not terribly good for COPD patients) but he will have pain relief as needed. He can go for a week or more without any food or fluids, although this varies from person to person, it's just an average. With his decreased O2 levels however, that although impacts on everything else s well.

Nobody can give you a 'ball park figure' on his final moments, because each person is different. That being said, I have seen a typical AD patient 'return from deaths door' .... twice (same person) .... so I tend to be a it sceptical sometimes ....

Go to Hospice and voice your fears with them, and they will tell you much the same.

Goodluck in this horrible time. My prayers are with you.