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WOW - I reaaly feel for you.

I had a frozen shoulder several years ago and we think it may have been a strain from moving furniture. Anyway, I tried physical therapy in the early stages and it did nothing. I then started taking Vioxx and it helped somewhat. When I finally went to an orthopedic surgeon at 5 months, he recommended INTENSE PT and gave me an Rx for morphine tablets! I refused to take them. I then asked a friend of my husband, who is a retired O. surgeon what he would do and he said to just wait it out that they always "defrost". He recommended some slight stretching exercises which I did several times a day. Mostly crawling your arm up a kitchen cabinet and across the counter. At the same time, I applied both heat and ice alternately. I slept with a pillow under my bad arm and prayed. After a few months of this one day I suddenly got some tingly sensations down my arm and the shoulder started to respond to my stretching. At that time, I started in again with a physical therapist and gradually improved.

It does take a long time. Mine was 9 mos but I've heard others can linger for 24 months. I understand if you get it in the early stages you can benefit from cortisone injections or manipulation, under anesthesia. With this procedure the Dr puts you under and stretches the capsule. You go right into PT after that. It's a much faster recovery but I think you have to have that done early in the game. I waited too long when I visited the O. surgeon. At that point he said he could literally break my arm if he stretched it and that the capsule was like cement.

Hang in there and try to relax. Perhaps your Dr. can give you something for that as well. It does improve and I have full motion with no pain now. Having the manipulation does speed up the process tremendously.

Rest easy...