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yes, I pretty much self dx myself too.... wasn't too hard once I started looking at the list of symptoms, to have over 60 out of 70 some it's a no brainer to me...lol. I just wish I would have figured it out sooner.

That's why sites like this are so important. Thank God for the internet, otherwise, I'd still have no answers. I think many of us lymies have self diagnosed.

It's hard with lyme too because on the outside so many of us look fine. Looking at me, you'd never guess what's going on inside. One of my favorite doctors, he's an ENT, the one who did my thyroid surgeries even told me that coming right out of surgery I look great... that was in response to a nurse who took it upon herself to give me all of 1 percocet after major surgery when he had ordered morphine, demoral, and 2 percs! He was so angry of course, because you have to get ahead of the pain otherwise it's very hard to get it under control, and he knew of my underlying circumstances which at the time was thought to be fibromyalgia and MCTD.

speaking of fibro.... many of us have that dx. What I am thinking though is that fibro was induced by the lyme disease. or that fibro is more of a symptom.... that's for another thread...lol

have a good night. good luck to you.

I'm glad you are seeing LLMD, and you are on some things, sounds like you're on a good combo of supplements.