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I'm 25F army spouse-I had a lapascopy and tubal ligation on 3-20-07,
next day I had severe pain on my left side I went back on base the
next day with a nice ambulance ride due to a big bruise and pain they
just gave me some morphine and told me that bruising is normal, I was discharge the same day. 4 days later I ended up off base in another hospital with a 12.3cm transverse*4.2cm*9cm craniocaudal
abdominal wall hematoma and was hospitalized, then discharged and to
the ER about 4 times after that. It was so big that I was discharge for the last time and at home my navel opened up and I started to bleed alot from it. They told me I had to get a drainage pump
Back on base to have another surgery to put a drainage pump with
another incisition on my navel. I been through hell and back with
severe pain, unable to work and do anything . I been taking percocets 5/day n been going to pain
managment and now they are sending me to the neurologist. I can't
seat for a long time, raise my left leg for exercise is very weak,
nor use my stomach muscles because the pain on my left side about 8in
from my bikini line kills me. What could be causing the pain, when it hurts I get some relieve from putting my hand on top of it and pushing in. Don't want to be in no more pain, Thanks,