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My thought was not about a suit for actual damages, but something to 'scare' them into taking more care when reaching to the shelves for bottles and reading labels more carefully.

Even a small claims court would be enough to get the point across that a "oh, gee, I am sorry" is just not enough when they are dispensing drugs to the public. What if this had been the first time a drug was prescribed and you did not know what the pills normally looked like and could not remember what was on the script or thought that what you got was the generic for something else.

This time they were two drugs in a simular class... next time it could be a baby that is supposed to get a Motrin Suspension and gets a Morphine Sulphate Suspension instead.

The point is that rossml24 was lucky this time and has no lasting effects from the mistake, but the pharmacy should have to do more than say "ooops, sorry".