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Hi I can only tell you what I did with my husband of 54 years. There were two times that I was considering putting him in a care facility but with the doctors help and medication I was able to keep him home. He became very combative and the medication helped him keep an even keel. They told me he would probably die of pneumonia and I had him on hospise at home that gave me alot of support . They would send a nurse over two times a week and a health care giver to bath him if I wanted. I did finally hire 24?7 help at the house and it cost the same as if I had put him in a Home and I was able to monitor him and see him all the time without leaving the home myself. At the end he did get pneumonia and I had to put him in the hospital and when they could not help him they put him on drip morphine to take him out of his pain he lasted 12 days in the hospital not a pretty way to go but at that stage I could not see him suffer at home without medical help. Hope this helps you if Ihad to do it again I would keep him home as I did and hire in help worked for me not easy but I feel I did all I could to give him the best i could give. I will miss him very much