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Hello my old friend,

I am very sorry for you and your family, that your mom is in pain. Do you have hospice up there? If so, you should call them, Tuesday! They would really help your mom to not be in pain.

My dad just died on Tuesday of last week. We called Hospice on the Saturday before. As soon as they came, they gave him morphine for his pain. He was never in pain again. It was given to him in a solution that was absorbed in his mouth. No swallowing and no shots!

This is just my opinion. The day he died, his regular minister/preacher came and prayed with him and in the afternoon, the hospice chaplain came and gave him another prayer with my mom present. He died not too long after. We had all been telling him, that it was finally his chance to go home! He had been wanting to go home, for several months!!!

I hope that you are not too sad for your mom. Just be sad for yourself, because she will have gone home soon. It is ok to be out of pain, and out in her bed. You and your brother and possibly sis, can still talk to her and tell her that you love her and that she can go now. I know that the dying person can hear when we are talking to them.

I am so glad that you had a chance to go and visit with your mom, towards the end. My heart is with you. Take care.

Love, Wannabe
Thanks for your good wishes, friends.

Yes, Mom has been told by all of us that it is OK to go, but I don't know if she remembers it.

Yes, Hospice is in charge of her case right in the NH. But thus far she has not received any morphine. She is scheduled for a doctor's exam today, and maybe that will change.

My condolences on the loss of your father, ToBeFree. He is now free!



I have been away again this week visiting my Mom and have been monitoring the situation with your Mom when I get a chance to check in. I am sorry your Mom is in pain and I know it seems so unfair that they suffer. When they have already lost so much, you just want them to go easily but it just doesn't seem to work that way. I hope by now she is on pain medication (morphine or something similar) as it does make them rest more easily. It is terrible to see them cringe with every touch. My Dad had the same experience and I just hoped it would be over for him as soon as possible. I just told him over and over that I loved him and was there and that I would stay with him until it was time for him to go on without me. I reassured him everything would be okay, that I would look after Mom and that I was not afraid for him to go. Just as he passed, he looked as peaceful as he had in months, with no more pain. It will end soon Martha, stay strong. Thinking of you. Shirley
Thanks to everyone who consoled me about my fathers death. I am not feeling too much grief and my mom is not either. I imagine it will attack us in the near future. But, just think of where you loved one will go and will no longer have any pain, loss of dignity, and be unable to walk!

Martha, I am so sorry that your moms illness is lasting so long. I am sure it is taking its toll on you and your brother. Please, if the hospice nurses have not given your mom morphine, please make them do it!!! She should not ever (even for 15 min) be in any pain. I could not stand for my dad to grimace, and I stayed with the hospice nurses, until the morphine came...

If your mom can be given it or is being given enuf morphine, she will feel no pain, and she will not mind being in bed. She will be like in a coma, but can still hear people talking to her. Tell your brother to insist. No pain!!!!!

Take care of you. I will be thinking about you and your brother and know that your mom will soon be to her home of all homes...

Love, Wannabe:angel: That is your Martha and your bro.