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Hi Vicki67,

I just had to jump in. Before my dad died, he had a really hard time with Hydrocodone or valium or most all pain killers, except Tylenol. When he had an operation, the anesthesia would knock him out for at least 2 days! And later, when they would give him hydrocodone for at home, or an in office procedure, that two would either knock him out or make him do weird things.
One time, he was sitting on their bedroom carpet, bare bottom and picking bugs (only he could see them).

We learned that when he was give any pain medications, that they should just give him Tylenol. He could have it 3 x day, up until the 4 days before he died. Then it was good old morphine, and no pain!!!

You need to have someone stay with her 24/7, if you work, you need at least a caregiver. Alzheimers loved ones, can go out the door and down the street and then get lost. The caregiver could hand out the meds when you are not there.

Being that you are a daughter caregiver, you may want to get your mom a bracelet, that says her main illness, her name and address and your telephone #. You can get really nice ones online.

Holler if you need more help, there are lots of great people here to try to answer your questions and if you need to vent.

Love, Wannabe