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Chris I haven't read many stories like yours , I do know if you don't listen ,like not lifting bending twisting your leads can move . My leads are attached to my ligaments along my spine , plus scar tissue helps hold it .. You must not do anything at all for a month or more.. And if you had problems with your vertebra's I can't see how the stim would help because the problem is still there...I'm glad I got the stim even tho it doesn't help with all the pain it does take some away and any is good .

I would make the stim my second to last option , last would be the Morphine pump and I'll wait around 10 years before I decide to try that approach . Everyone has their own thoughts I guess .. The stim doesn't help my back pain so if its back pain relief your after I wouldn't get excited.

Good luck and hope you all find relief.