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got a call from NH this evening

Mums urine output is decreasing and very dark
oral intake decreasing

Do I want to call the doctor or just keep her comfortable

BTW I hate the phrase "resting comfortably"

my dad, when terminal, was often "resting comfortably"

my instinctive reply "call the doctor"

then DH and I went into the palliative care discussion..does it include calling the doctor?

I rang my old time nursing friend who told me to find out what pain relief measures were in use...I was pretty sure I knew that already.

end result, I rang the NH back and confirmed they are using paracetomal (sp) and opiate? patches

nurse confirmed that pain relief didnt seem to be adequate, so my instructions were to ask doctor to increase pain relief to morphine and no hospitalisation.

can anybody speculate on how long my mums piece of string is?
kind regards,
where is the "crying smiley"?
hi martha,
thanks for your post....I do have the strength (sally has been helping me)
considering yr mum, maybe I am being a drama queen re how long...none of us ever know for sure
my mum has a cathetar, is barely speaking and now on morphine, and bed ridden
not sure how her swallowing reflex is (it was checked in hospital by speech person)
but no reports from the NH re: aspiration
does yr mum have the dark urine output?
I know yr mum is end stage and she has held on admirably for months
kind regards,