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Well, first of all it depends on what your doses are of your current medications. I know with Neurontin, I was all the way up to max of 3600mg/day before switching to Lyrica. Lyrica is similar to Neurontin and may work better for you. You could try switching the Vicoden to Lortab of 7.5/325 or 10/325. You should also give Ultram another try along with the vicodin. If you are having trouble with the side effects you could try the extended release form Ultram ER. However it sound like you may need something long acting such as one of the morphine based (MS Contin, Kadian), Dilaudid, Oxycodone, Fentanyl. You should really try to increase or try the other non-opiate medications available before you move up to the long acting opiate meds. Just my 2 cents worth.