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ah well, I did it anyway
DH says today, do you want a tree?
YES! says I
so he goes out in the pouring rain and brings us home a huge tree.
this eve I have spent 2 hours untangling things and decorating the house.
the last thing I put on the tree was the angel from my childhood.
as the youngest every year I had the important job, when the tree was decorated, of placing the angel at the top (my kids did too)
tonight it was me alone,placing that angel at the top of the tree.
I did it for my dad & my mum.
I went out the front and our neighbour has the full display of lights going.
it made me feel teary but determined.
tomorrow, OUR lights are going up
Angel, I cant remember my last report but Mums decline is non reversable.
since coming back from hospital, and palliative care put in place, she is still bedridden, hardly speaking,catherized, on morphine.
Martha, sorry to hear of your christmas troubles, it must be hard to cope with a cold christmas...let alone family dramas (and your dear mum, of course)

I really hear what you mean about the stores "out to get you"
the first time I saw decorations in a store, I nearly wept.
I am sorry your christmas wont be as you hoped it would.
my thought are with you all
"one day at a time"
kind regards,