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My brother had been at the NH earlier yesterday afternoon. Mom was having breathing difficulties. Heart failure with accumuation of water in the lungs. She was not in any pain and the hospice nurse reassured him that she would be given morphine if any pain developed. He left at around 4PM and got the phonecall at 6.

Now for the shocker - at 10 PM the NH called again to ask when her remains will be removed. Bill had not even called the funeral home yet. The NH also said 'you have to come over right now and remove her belongings, we need the room'. Bill said 'I cannot come until tomorrow'. So today he has to strip the room. Do they really have to put so much pressure on people? The funeral home will already have been there by now and taken away her body.

I am working on reservations.

This is how I heard the news : I was on the Internet writing email to Bill. He sent me an instant message saying "get off the net, I am tryng to call you." And right at that moment I knew. he called and said 'It's all over." That was the worst moment.