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Hey all.

I'm back from feeding people at camp. I can't find my last test results at the moment (I live with my mother these days and she decided to "clean" while I was away, hence most of my things are missing) but I'm going into the doctors office tomorrow and am gonna grab another copy.

I got to thinking while I was away and I remember earlier last year they were going to do a gastroscopy and do a biopsy to check for celiacs. To cut a really long story short they didn't do it because when I was booked into have it done I was actually in hospital with viral pneumonia and a liver that wasn't playing nice. They thought I had gallstones as my liver function test numbers were through the roof. But after a hida scan they saw that my gallbladder was not blocked and it remained a mystery. I was in so much pain I was in hospital on morphine for 8 days.

To this day they can't say what happened, my LFT's came down, they chalked it up to a mystery and sent me on my way. I never did get that test. Now my haemoglobin is going down, as are my potassium and magnesium levels. I feel like crap all the time, not just tired, but sick in the stomach. Not like I want to puke, but not all that nice either.

Celiacs causes malabsorbtion right? Although I guess that wouldn't account for the increasing ferritin levels. Maybe I should ask to have that biopsy. I don't know...I'm just throwing it out there.

All I know is I want to find out what the heck is going on because I'm feeling more and more tired and getting short of breath these days too. In the last few days I've started feeling light headed as well. I'm looking like a big hypochondriac, but it's truely how I feel and I'm really jack of it. I just want to feel normal.

Sorry for the whinging.