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I wanted to add,
once you get cleared to have this surgery from(Gastroenterology) the Doctors will do test on you to see what kind of health your in, heart trouble back pain or any type of inflammorty problems , which don't matter this will not stop the surgery its only precaustions things to aid in the anesthesiologist.
the Doctor's will probably prescibe a sleep study if you snore a lot, and also check you for acid reflex or EBG Test these are all easy test with the exception if you have to have a stress test? stress test can be done treadmilling or nucular meds but its hard on a fat person ...

once your cleared for the surgery RNY (Liposcopic) its usally about an hour and only requires a one night stay in the hospital , they usally intall a morphine pump inside you (outside you sorry with electro-leads that you can remove after 3 days.
you may have some gas pains after the surgery but if you get up and walk they usally go away, then you go home and walla your on the loser bench forever.