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New back guy, thank you for your post and info. To answer one question, I chose the doctor before the disc but I knew, at the time, I did not want the other major brand (starts with a C). So the ProDisc along with the Dr. seemed like a winner.

My lumber problems started with a blown disc playing sports in 1985. Since then, I dealt with pain off and on until 2006 when it seemed all 3 discs from L3-S1 were bad at once. I was not a good candidate for fusion as there was minimal "mechanical" problems. My back doctor here (in Memphis, TN) is a leader in new technologies and options so he set me up with the doctors in Europe, and I ended up selecting the one you are aware of in Straubing, Germany.

I am interested in your recovery experiences.....how long did it take? What were the pain levels along the way? How much pain did you experience? I am at 19 months and had a major setback in month 16. I was still on high doses of fentanyl and breakthrough meds but now my mobility (driving, sitting, standing) are all very limited due to pain levels and pain is up again. The doctors are now thinking of either or both a morphine pain pump or electrical stimulation device.

How did your recovery go? Was there any significant things you did to make it go better? Did you experience immediate, long-term relief? Looking forward to your reply and hoping the best for you in your continued improvement and solutions.