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Hi there - i am a newbie to this board, but unfortunately not to the osteoporosis!! Just to put you in the picture i have had anorexia since the age of eleven and am now forty eight. Needless to say my T score pretty low at -3.2. Although my body weight is now within the low end of normal I am finding increasingly the result of all the years of starvation is now telling. I have had two compression fractures of my spine within the last eighteen months and only last week managed to break both wrists - scaphoid in both and a colles fracture as well in my right arm!! I have been down this path before having two arms in plaster at the same time and I can tell you it is not at all easy to cope with even day to day things as i live alone:(

I was initially dx with osteopenia about ten years ago with a T score of -1.5 I was re-scanned four years later but my then imbasilic GP never informed me and even more negligently didn't put me on any course of treatment :mad:whatsoever! It was only when I did the first double wham,my on my wrists that I was fortunate enought to see another GP in the practice and she was horrified that they had been sitting on the in formation that my T score had gone to -2.7 and full blown osteoporosis. She immediately put me on bisphos's and calichew - I didn't get on at all well with the bisphos's and by now had changed GP (can't imagine why :rolleyes)
I am now on three monthly infusions of Bonviva and my new excellent GP is fabulous and supports me in every way he can. My problem now is that I have been told that if I continue as I am now I prob will only have anot her ten years of life - but there is light on the horizon if only the british NHS could take a much broader view of overall treatment. There is a drug called IPTH which works on the parathyroid and as well as stopping further bone loss is actually builds bone back - hoorah - except that as it costs £5,000 per annual injection, they won't consider it for me until (or if) I reach 55. Am I being stupid or does anyone else think that this is mad - if you take into account the amounts of morphine etc and Bonviva injects 4 times a year, surely cumulatively my treatment overall would come very near to that figure anyway. But hey ho I guess that in their wisdom they don't have time to look at the bigger picture:(

Anyway enough of my rant - I am very pleased to have found this site and hope that if you have fallen asleep wit h boredom from my monologue, that you might feel able to give me your advice and/or views.

Many thanks
Hi both Desert and Taape - thank you both for your very considerate replies. I will have to have another chat with my consultant friend who recommeded the IPTH about the actual medical info about it and will most definately come back and let you know what he says - to be honest, at the time of our first conversation about it I was on pretty high levels of morphine due to a recent spinal compression fratuure, which made me pretty spacey and not able to clearly recall everything he said then, but I will try and get more info and let u know.

My arms are still in plaster amd will be for at least another six wks, I am not able to drive but i am lucky to live in a tiny village where everyone is soooo kind and supportive. Lifts are available virtually whenever I need them which is gr8!! I also have a friend who is an ex nurse and she give me a bath every other day, which although was v embarassing at the start I am now just so relieved to be clean. I am off to the fracture clinic on Tues and hopefully will get a fibreglass cast on my left wrist to match the one already on the right. The weight of the back slab plaster of paris is phenominally heavier, and I have arthritis anyway in my left shoulder so the weight of the plaster really increases the pain ther (oh woe is me - tee hee). All that having been said I really do not have any other option other than to cope - I live alone and am ferociously independent, so I just try and get on with my life and let the fractures impinge on my life as little as possible, Stubborn ???? - who ??? - me?? never - tee hee.

I am not sure yet whether the Bonviva has worked yet - I see my osteoporosis nurse next week and I think she will do some bone markers then - again I will let you know how that goes.

Anyway must close now as am shattered, but thank you both for your replies and your insights.

Regards Dottii