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what happens in the end for als patients? I'm worried that my mom will be more miserable than she is now. Will she just lay in bed or will they give her morphine so she is at least sleeping?
She can still sit upright in a soft chair and in her electric wheel chair, her voice is gone and she has very little strength.
Hello heidi My name is Vicky and unfortunately my mother is on her last stages of als. She was diagnose with this horrible disease in February 2006, now she is fully bedrest, gets fed through a feeding tube, has a catheder and is on life on a vent with a trach, in other words shes on life support. At this point she only communicates with her eyes. We just keep her comfortable, she takes meds for muscle aches. We do not give her morphine. Be very careful with her feeding make sure is very small pieces and tender this way she can prevent from choking I recommend that you puree some of her foods, give her grape juice for some reason that gives my mother energy and keeps her alert. I really hope I was some help to you, Good luck and my prayers are with you and your mother. Vicky