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After I was scheduled for surgery, I had to have an ekg, chest xray, chemistry panel, and a CBC...or complete blood count. I went in to the hospital the morning of. I had a fusion L5 and S1, and dynamic stabilization of L4 and L5. After coming out of surgery, I had an IV, a small drain in the incision area, a urinary catheter, and a Morphine pump. I was pretty groggy that day and evening, and in quite a bit of pain. That first night was a long night. The next day they got me up in the afternoon. I thought they were crazy....... I think they took me to therapy that day too. I had Surgery on Monday and came home on Thursday. They mentioned me staying in a day or so longer, but it seemed like my husband was doing most of my care, so I came home. I think the next week or after 10 days or so, they sent a therapist to work with me at home for 2 weeks 2 or 3 times a week. Really basic stuff. Get a lift for your toilet seat... It will help ! I had my surgery Sept 20th. I'm just now in my second week of PT. He didn't want me to start therapy until 15 weeks or so. So thats where I'm at now. Good luck.
I just had surgery 2 weeks ago -- a PLIF at L4-5. I ended up having the last surgery of the day--went in at 6 p.m. and was being wheeled to my room at 11 p.m. I slept the whole night. I said I thought I was getting nauseated and they put something into my IV line and I was fine.

The next day they got me up and we made our way down the corridor. I had PT in the afternoon. I felt fine the first day. I had a drain, a catheter and my IV pole. Wed. I was in some pain but it was tolerable. (I had the morphine pump thing that I could push every 6 minutes.) Thursday morning they removed the pump, the drain and the catheter. It was fast and easy and didn't hurt at all. I went home at 4 that 4th day.

The aide would come in and crank up the bed when it was time for meals...or if you wanted to sit up to watch tv. I think I mostly slept except when at physical therapy. I got along very well and really didn't have any problems. If I had, I'm sure my nurse would have been able to fix it!!

I put a twin bed in my den so I could be close to the action. I can go up and down the stairs without any problem, but I like being on the first floor with my family and dogs.

I go to the surgeon in the morning for my first post-op check-up. Maybe I'll have more to report in the morning!!