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I've been lurking around a little, my eyes are still giving me a fit.

When they say solu-medrol is a 50-50 chance they are right when it comes to optical neuritis.

Ended up in the ER on Monday night for right side numbness and hand tremor,neuro said to live with it.

Ended up in ER at a MS clinic on Tuesday , they said you don't have to live with it.They shocked my system with 1500 mgs of solu-medrol ran it in 15 minutes and gave me quite a few of injections , 2 that I can remember is Toradol(high powered anti-inflamatory) and Norflex(high powered anti-spasmatic med),I beleive morphine and probably insulin.

Definately stopped the tremors and I think I slept 2 days away.I'm at a point of going off all meds and seeing what happens.Obviously at this point they are not helping.

I see my Dr. for my back on Tuesday then I'll know more.

I am so glad you are feeling better,pain can send ya over the edge, I'm so glad you are able to sleep in your bed again.

How's your boss? He better be kind to ya.Driving after any surgery causes pain.I have drove very little for a few months,I'm going crazy!!!!!!

You don't need to be lifting anything and hubby is home to vaccuum,he can plug that baby in and push.It'll give him something to do.But if its like my house they run the vaccuum as if it was a racecar missing half of everything.

Hopefully your DR will release you on the 6th with a clean bill bill of health.

I hope your mom enjoyed her birthday party,it was good that you got out and was able to spend it with your mom.

I miss ya to.I'll try to be around more often