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[FONT="Georgia"][SIZE="4"][SIZE="4"][COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Thanks everyone for your caring and advise. Mum was a lot better the day after I gave her the Tramadol, which I didn't know was an morphine based medication. The Dr knows that morphine does terrible things to her mentally and physically. She has only had it once before when she fractured her pelvis and that was at the beginning stage of AD.
The Temaze is working at this stage with only 1 x 10mg tablet, so I still have the benefit of using 2 when it is needed.
The delusions that Mum has been having don't seem to be so severe and I was wondering if the Namenda could be starting to kick in. She is still trying to take her clothes off and is very vague, but at least now I seem to be able to manage her a bit better.
Thanks again for answering my plea for help.
Take care