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Hey everyone,
This is my first thread and first post. Anyways... I was diagnosed with RSD about 5 years ago. I have gone through a lot of doctors before I finally got diagnosed. It was exceptionally tough the first few years I had it because I didn't have a diagnosis and wasn't getting good treatment. Now after 5 years of being diagnosed I'm still having problems with my pain Doc. I have been going to her for a year and a half now. When I started seeing her she was giving me nerve blocks and trigger point injections along with my pain meds. The Pain meds I'm on now are MS contin (timed release morphine) 60mg 2/day, MSIR (immediate release morphine) 30mg 4/day. The Morphine, Nerve Blocks and TriggerPoint Injections are the only things I've tried that have helped. Now, For some reason my doc won't give me nerve blocks or trigger point injections. She also lowered my morphine too. Now I'm only getting 2-60mg Ms contin and 2-30mg MSIR. Now my pain is increasing and it's unbearable before. She says that I'm not getting enough relief from them so she won't do them anymore. I think that's a load of crap. I'm just so frustrated and don't know what to do. Her treatment changes with her attitute also. It's so hard to deal with. I have so much anxiety when I have to go to her because I never know what's going to happen. I also think something else might be wrong and I want to get checked out for anything that might help, but she wont listen to me EVER. Everyone I've ever talked to that went to her hates her. I guess I'm not the only one she does this to. I also had a few other problems with her. She tells me it's my fault for being in pain and that she doesn't want to treat me anymore because I'm still not able to work. ABout that..... I don't know what to tell her (if she'd listen I mean). I also have a problem with her that bothers me a lot, When I went to her last month she called a doctor she sent me to for a second opinion and while she was on the phone she was telling the doctor that she can't stand me and that I'm a loser on top of all other things. If that wasn't bad enough she was talking about my personal medical information and there was a bunch of people around. I felt really embarrased. I can't believe that a doctor can do stuff like that.

Have any of you had any problems like this? if you have or haven't I'd really appreciate it if you could give me some info and ideas on what i can do.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'll make sure I keep the rest of my posts a little shorter. Just had a lot of stuff to fit in.

Thanks, DAVE