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I wasn't told to stop taking my meds prior to surgery. I wasn't taking as much as you are daily, but close enough to it. I did have the unfortunate problem of the meds not working very well in the hospital post op. Including the morphine pump. Once I got home and rec'd the same meds I was taking before only without the tylenol in them, and a bit more frequent, I didn't have any trouble with them not working. It is odd he wants you to stop all together. I could understand trying to taper down a bit but if you are still in so much pain, how could you not take them in the first place??? I hope you find the answers you need and wish you much success on your surgery.
I didn't have to stop taking my meds prior to surgery but I tried to taper down because I was afraid that managing my pain post op might be a problem. I was taking Percocet 10/325 and Zanaflex 4mg, and lorazepam 1mg. It took about an hour and a half for the morphine pump started to help. I remember the nurse coming in and putting something in my iv with a needle and I got really happy and hungry within a sew minutes. I have no idea what that was but it was awesome. How long until your surgery is scheduled? Maybe you could start tapering down a little at a time and if the pain gets real bad take what you need to get thru it. Even now, sometimes it feels like my meds arent working well I taper off for awhile and then go back to regular dosage and this seems to work for me. You do build up a tolerance after awhile. Hope this helps. Good Luck Dee