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Has anyone had an existing fusion of L4 to L5 later extended another level to S1?
I've had a L4-5 fusion ( 4 yrs ago ) , then removal of the pedicle screws ( last year ) because I thought THAT was causing the pain ( the surgeon didn't think so ).
Now, I still have pain and the disc below the fusion is quite degenerated ( no one is sure whether THAT is the pain source. Anyhow, I only have a few options left ( living with the pain is NOT one of them ): 1. spinal cord stimulation ( maybe ) , 2. morphine pump ( don't like this one ), or 3. extending the fusion ( major surgery but it MAY solve the problem ).
The surgeon suggests spinal cord stimulation but I think that just masks the pain-- it doesn't treat the cause of the pain.
I'm lost-- has anyone chosen the extending the fusion route and what was your result?