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I have just had a l5-S1 PLIF fusion with instrumentation and bone growth protein instead of a hip bone graft., and now 10 days post op, and feeling great! Despite all I read on the forums, I found I was able to be up and walking around unassisted 3 days after the operation, and off morphine a day later. Initially had lots of tense muscles in my hip area, and my back went into spasm for a day after, but then it went away, and I was making great improvements each day. If I walked or sit too long I was getting a burning pain where the surgery was done. 10 days later, I am now almost off the pain killers, and walking normally, but have to continue to be careful with not doing any bending or twisting till 6 months. The surgery wasn't as daunting as I was expecting...

My case was :
31 yo, 72 kg, 184cm, 5 years of on and off back problems with episodes and my back completely spasming and leaving me unable to walk for weeks.
Recent (<3 months symptoms of spinal cord compression, and numb feet)
Pain level quite low, much unable to do my normal physical sports acitivities or bedroom activities!) without pain.
Hello spooked and welcome. I had L5/S1 fusion w/ decompression PLIF in Jan. It took care of my tailbone pain. Sitting was just miserable. Between that fibro and arthiritis I am disabled at 35. I got 3 opinions and wish i had gotten just one more. My tailbone pain is gone but everything I was told before surgery about hospital stay and procedure wasnt true. I woke up when rolled into recovery. They were great in there and were right on me controlling pain and such. I was told a 2-7 day hospital stay. I was put in overnight unit and sent home the next day. I will admit I wasnt a nice patient with all of this. I was told stitches and woke up with over 20 staples. Didnt even know it til the next morning when bandage was changed. They told me with a private room my friend couldnt stay until i threw a fit because before hand that was ok'd with admissions. My meds were not brought to me on time, regular ones. Luckily I had brought them from home. I was finally told I could sit on the side of the bed in the morning. I walked to the bathroom holding the rail and my friends arm. My pain was really bad at first and a nurse finally brought me an extra shot of morphine in the middle of the night. That told me it had been in the orders but they put it off til i was in terrible pain. I know it was from laying on the staples, not knowing they were there. I hadnt prepared to come home so fast but it all worked out. I had someone stay with me for a few days. That was good due to being so dopey and help with showers, food and keeping house straight with people visiting.
I still have the numbness, weakness, tingling and spasms. They have gotten worse lately and I had an epidural on Thursday, another in 2 weeks. I am some sore now from it but praying it gets better.
The laying a certain way for so long after surgery made my fibro terrible as heck. You may not have that problem.
I had all sorts of shots and other treatments before surgery with no relief. This problem had been there untreated for who knows how long. I was ready to do anything to get rid of the pain.
I still have pain but not from the tailbone thank God.
I had about 8 weeks of physical therapy. I think it would help now but cant afford the copays. I have become very depressed so please look out for that and seek help if necessary. I had it before but being so limited in what I can do made it worse. Remember though that I have other physical problems too. I pray that isnt the case for you. Seeking support is very important.
Best wishes and I am still glad I had the surgery at this point. There is fusion taking place. The dr saw it on the flouroscopy machine Thursday.
You have received some great suggestions.
I did have a reaction to bandages a few days after surgery. Once they were changed to a diff kind that went away.
Three weeks later I developed a bad headache and vomiting. I called and was told it probably wasnt from surgery. Went to reg dr and got meds for nausea but a few days later I couldnt raise my head without a terrible headache and vomitting. Went to dr again and was sent straigth to hospital that did my surgery. The phenergan shot and sleeping on the 1.5 hour ride made me feel better and was almost sent back home. They decided to send me for an MRI which showed I had 33 cc's of fluid around my incision and surgery. I had a spinal headache but the removal of the fluid helped alot. I was sent home and told if the headache didnt stop within a few days to call and they would schedule another immediate surgery for find the leak. Thankfully it went away on its own. Personally I think the build up was from them sending me home when one of my drains never drained hardly anything.
again best wishes to you and everyone!
This all seems kind of choppy but thats just where my memory is today! Sorry!