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hello deb . . I have a question : does any one take hydromorphine {dilaudid} for pain...
i;m on this and its making me nauseaus -- please let me no
isn't that hydrocodone /morphine mix tablet ? I heard of it but never took it.
Hope it works buddy :(
I am glad everything went well.
You are absolutely right: i don't know how did they sent you home with 5 mg? This is a dose which does not help me 2 month after the surgery,but right after??? Gosh, I just had my app with PM DR yesterday as you know i go to HSS in NYC. He changed me from 2 pills every 4 hours of Percocet (10/325 each) to Long Release Morphine: 8 am and 8 pm (15 mg) and brake through Oxycodone (15mg) every 4 hours as needed. And i am 2 month after surgery.
You should call your DR and talk to him. If he can't help you ask if PM can manage your meds.
Best of luck on your recovery.:angel:
Billy, you sure are showing us your strong side...Going through all of this pain, without proper pain relief, and then having to go through the terrible side effects of the new medication(s). I wonder if you could ask your doctor about Phenergan (spelling?)...I had to take this, along with the morphine at the hospital (intensive care), whenever I had a "mild heart attack" in March of 2007. After they gave me a hearty shot of morphine, I began to feel as if someone had kicked me in the chest, which later caused severe nausea. As soon as they put the phenergan in the IV, the nausea and severe pain went away! I pray that you feel better soon and pray that you will receive something for your nausea and dizziness...Sincerely, Tam