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Deb, honey, I hope what i will tell you know can be somewhat helpful.

AS you know i had my second surgery 9 weeks ago. I did not have much pain 2 weeks after surgery. I was so happy, told all my friends how lucky i am since 70% of my pain is gone.
Well, after 2 weeks I started to develop pain and now i am at the point that my meds just yesterday were changed to Long Release and much more stronger than i had before: I used to take 20/700 Percocet every 4 hours, now I am on 15 mg Morphine 8 am and 8 pm and as a break through 15 mg of Oxicodone every 4 hours.
I thought by this time after surgery i will take less and less pills - never happened.
My pains before my second surgery was in some areas of my back and legs/feet/toes. Now I am having pain at every piece of my legs/feet/toes and pain is much more severe.
I saw my PM Dr at HSS yesterday, he said that I still have some hope for the nerve pain to get lessen, it can take up to a year or even 2. Back pain - just hope for the best.
I also have severe problems with my bladder and bowel, but this is due to Arachnoidities and nothing really can be done, but just meds.

Being a spiney for so long, having all this problems and surgeries i learned one thing for sure: they don't know everything, they just humans. And also i can tell you, dear, i found that nothing worse than severe nerve pain. My back hurts a lot, but at least Pk can take the edge off; nothing helps me with nerve pain. I have been on 5 different meds for nerve pain - non of them worked and now I am off so far. DR wants me to try new meds adjustments he maid yesterday and if it will not help he puts me on some kind of meds which is stronger than Neurontin, Lurica, keppra, etc. But has a lot of serious side effects. Something to look forward to, is in it?:confused:

Deb, we all here for you 24/7
(((( )))))) and take care!:angel: