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Sorry to hear about your sleeping troubles. Trying to sleep with sciatica is no fun at all.

One thing that really helped me get to sleep was Flexeril, which is a muscle relaxer but really worked at making me drowsy. I would NOT stop taking the Tylenol until your doctor does a liver function test, which just involves leaving some body fluids at the office. Most people can take 4 doses of tylenol a day and be Ok - even over a long period of time - but, depending on how much you drink, your result may be different.

Depression meds in my experience don't really do much to help you sleep - for me it's the opposite.

In my experience, the long acting pain relievers like T3 and Morphine Sulfate didn't do all that much for the nerve pain. I got much better relief from short acting/acute pain meds like Vicodin. Actually, when I was at my worst they did help take the edge off enough to sleep.

Are you looking at surgery? Have you had an MRI done to see what's going on?

Take Care and Good luck,