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Hi Linda ~

I'm sorry you are once again having so many problems...some of them rather unique, I think!! It is bad enough to have the surgical pain, but now with the swelling that makes things that much worse.

When I was in the hospital, the second day was awful for me. The first exercise the therapist wanted me to do caused horrendous burning pain in my thigh. All I wanted to do was move my leg, and I just couldn't so I just started crying. It got so bad they put valium and morphine into my IV. Luckily the particular pain only occurred that one day...the next day I could get up and move around without problems. So I do agree that nerve pain is the worst and it is weird how it moves around.

My surgical assistant told me I was on the operating table for 4 hours, on my stomach, and that they had to move me into weird positions as they operated. She said things get stretched in unusual ways, and they have to move the nerves as they go...and the nerves react and "get angry," and that it can take them awhile to settle back down. I think that is happening with me...but it is taking awhile.

I'm glad the PT is calling your doctor. I can't imagine why you have so much swelling. Come to think of it, I weighed myself when I first came home from the hospital and I was about 8 pounds heavier than when they weighed me right before surgery. It must be from the IV fluids they pump into you. I lost that weight in about a week or so.

Hang in there. It will get better.