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My 13 year old sister had severe, unexplained stomach pain for over a year. Several ER visits, trips to specialists and eventually a colonoscopy and endoscopy later revealed no answers other than a section of intestine that seemed to have been damaged somehow. Allergy testing was done in between times when she would have a reaction so bad that she would be taken to the emergency room and given an IV and morphine. We took her entirely off dairy, eggs, wheat, gluten, nuts and other common allergens and she was put on a very bland, simple diet mostly consisting of rice and vegetables. Later, when the allergy test results came back, we found out that she is severely allergic to gluten and wheat while mildly allergic to dairy. Since the test was in the format of significant, moderate and insignificant, she was able to see all other sorts of foods that she decided, on her own, that she "could not eat". She seems to believe that she also cannot have sugar because apparently several of the ER visits occurred after she ingested a small amount of sweets. We have been working with a naturopath who has helped her see that she can and must eat many of these foods. She is taking supplements, having as many protein shakes as we can get into her daily(which is hardly anything) and just refuses to eat anything more than plain, white rice, steamed vegetables and some nuts. The point is, she has lost 30 pounds since January. She doesn't think that anything is wrong. But she just doesn't have any energy, and is obviously not herself or healthy by any means. I think it is also important to note that we are vegetarians, which eliminates a common protein source. She has tried eating fish, but just won't do it. We are starting to think that this is becoming more psychological. She does have every reason to be afraid of eating something that will cause her so much pain again, but she has to try things and see how her body feels instead of eliminate them from the small list of what she has decided she can eat.
Anyway, sorry for the rant. Any ideas towards helping her out would be great as I am simply at a loss.
Thanks in advance.