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[FONT="Tahoma"]Hello Ladybug :),

I look forward to reading your posts too! They always lift my spirits and usually make me laugh too b/c you're always doing something you shouldn't be doing, LOL, like walking 4 miles a day all at one time...LOL...I really am surprised you're still able to get out of bed in the morning...if I attempted to walk even a measley half mile, I would be stuck in bed for a week, unable to move, but not you, Wonder Woman...lol.

Last Wednesday I had an appt with my GP...I have atleast one appt with her a month for a check-up and scripts for my pain meds...this was the first appt that I've had the opportunity to let her know how my consult with neurosurgeon #2 went...I'm sure you recall, the NS thought L1 needed fused but wanted me off all pain meds for atleast 2 months prior to surgery so my pain post-op could be easily managed...my GP said if I could go without pain meds for 2 months then I wouldn't need surgery, she also said if she put me in the hospital instead of giving me 1mg of morphine, like she would a regular patient, she would give me 3mg of morphine b/c I'm opioid tolerant, apparently this is common sense among doctors and the NS was simply being mean to me, she asked for his name and the name of the practice he works in so she can be sure to never refer any of her patients to him ever...yeah, one small victory won, onto the next, lol...

I asked my doctor what she thought of future surgery, b/c I know L1 is a HUGE problem and is on the verge of exploding, she said she wasn't a surgeon, but in her opinion and also based on her experience from working with other patients who have had back surgery, if surgery #1 failed then a second or third surgery will probably fail too and I'll still end up on pain meds for the rest of my life like I'm facing now...part of me (okay, most of me), agrees with her, but part of me will always wonder "what if", if I don't give surgery another try...my mother thinks I should find another surgeon and have L1 and possibly L3 (which is herniated but not a HUGE problem yet) fused, she feels that way b/c that was the game plan given to us by my former neurosurgeon, who said if fusing L5-S1 didn't alleviate my pain, he would go back and fuse L1 and L3 but as we all know, that didn't happen which may be why I'm in the mess I'm in...personally, I don't think more surgery is the answer but it may be my only option...my husband pretty much agree with me...what do you think? I would have surgery in a heartbeat if someone could guarantee that I would have about 4-5 good years from the surgery so I could have another baby...

Speaking of baby...I also asked my doctor if she thought I could have another baby, if it was a possibility at all...I don't think she thinks it's possible...she said getting pregnant may be an issue b/c I had trouble with that in the past and now I'm older and I'm taking narcotics and have been for quite a while...and then there's the issue of carrying the baby to term if I do actually get pregnant. My doctor asked me if I have ever thought of taking in foster kids with the option to adopt them, she said there are lots of kids in the system, she told me to pray about it...I was very surprised by her suggestion, I have never given something like that any thought...I have to say, it has made me think a lot, maybe God gave me a bad back so I couldn't have a bunch of biological children, instead I would have to take in foster children or adopt children.

I think it may do you good to get out and about and try to resume your life as normal as long as you can do it and not be too uncomfortable. Do you still have the tramadol to take when your pain gets to be too much? I hope you do, I hope you have enough to last until surgery.
I'm glad you are starting to lose some of the weight you've gained since your injury occurred...I only wish you didn't have to walk 4 miles a day to lose any of it. It worries me that you walk that much.

Take care Ladybug. I'll keep praying for you. Keep me updated...I enjoy hearing from you!