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I get frustrated at the pain, and then the side effects. Do you guys know what I am saying?


Oh boy Brian, HOW I DO know what you are saying!!! I think you will find that the sedative effects of the Fentynal will dissapate fairly quickly. They did for me anyway. It was about a three week period for me to get everything straightned out, and things were fine for me until the Holidays when I had a Horrible spike in pain, and we couldn't get it under control. I wasn't sleeping, or eating and everything was out of whack. For me the change to Morphine 30mg LA has been the trick for now (until these last few days) even though supposedly the morphine is a step down from the Fentynal.

Good luck getting things under control. You have had your share of ups and downs, and recently it just seems it's more downs than ups, and that's just not fair. I'm still praying for ya, and LOUD.