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I know of a promising new drug called Tapentadol. It's a centrally acting synthetic pain med somewhat similar to tramadol but more potent - somewhere between morphine and tramadol. It is currently undergoing Phase III testing by Johnson & Johnson.

I'm kinda excited about this new drug. If you have read the PI for tramadol, you learn of the M1 metabolite, which is much more potent, with much higher affinity for the µ opioid receptor than basic tramadol. If I understand it correctly, this new drug is based more on this M1 metabolite.

At any rate, this would apparently be the first new drug of it's kind in 25 years. Be looking for it.


I was just going to post about LA hydrocodone. In my opinion I think a LA hydrocodone would be a good thing. Hydrocodone still holds the record of the most prescribed narcotic drug. However, I understand the abuse side of it as well. Many people get this drug from everything from a broken finger nail to back pain...

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I heartily agree with you. LA hydrocodone has been a long time coming. I would avoid it, but it's clear that it would be a good thing for maybe millions of folks. I'd like to see it become a "single entity" medication, meaning nothing but hydrocodone, and that would probably place it in Schedule II along with MS Contin and OxyCodone. But that's OK. They could also use the LA formula for a combo of hydro and tylenol and still be Schedule III. I venture to say that the single entity LA hydro would come close to the potency of morphine. Many of the conversion charts I've read place 10mg of hydro as equivalent to 10mg of morphine. And I'm sure there would be many that would tolerate the LA hydro better than morphine or other opioids. It would probably take first place amongst the stronger LA opioids.

Like you wrote, we'll have to wait and see.


I totally agree that an LA hydro would need to be just that without APAP. In a compounding pharmacy, hydrocodone by itself is a schedule 2, however, that wouldn't be different than most LA meds. And you're right about the equation of hydro to morphine. On my equianalgesic chart it shows a 1:1 ratio. Like you mentioned, many people can tolerate hydro over morphine due to some of morphines side effects. Since morphine like codeine is a natural substance vs a semi-synthetic substance, more people get nausea and sedation from morphine.

I guess it is a wait and see thing.... Who knows what the drug companies are doing. With all the patent issues lately, they keep alot of that stuff unspoken until its just about ready to be released.

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[QUOTE=brianpain33;3496673]I was curious if any of you know about pain medications that are in clinical trials or coming to the market soon. I heard about one that has THC(active ingredient in marijuana) that will be indicated for the relief of fibromyalgia. They are going to be in partners with Doritos, ha ha:D But seriously there is one coming out like that soon. Anyone know of any others and what kind of pain they will be indicated for?



Brian, Nucyntha is a new FDA approved drug. It works like morphine but has an agonist in it. joel