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I love to do my own research, love to read and I love to learn... I am glad I read your posts and I learned something again...
I am on narco meds since my first lumbar fusion (for about 3-4 years now), but i never been on LA meds before.
He put me 2 month ago on LA morphine pill form and as a BT Morphine - got reaction plus did not even touch my pain.
Now he has me on Fentanyl patch (25 mcg) and 20/650 of Percocet as BT.

[COLOR="Red"]Honestly i learned from your post if i have to take BT it means my patch is not working well enough.I don't want to take my BT meds, but even though I have a very strong pain tolerance, I can't go through the day without taking it.
If i don't do much and pain tolerable, I try to take only 10/325 BT couple times a day, but most of days I can't take pain and have to take 20/650 couple times a day.
Some days I can take 20/650, than once 10/325 - all depends on a day and pain level. We all still have to have some quality of life...

I have an excellent PM Dr at same HSS in NYC where my surgeon is from.
He really "custom mades" meds for his patients, he works with you during treatments and if something does not work, he wants to talk to you about it and change/adjust meds. I am very confident in him.
I have to see him on March 25th again, I guess i have to mention to him about BP and LA meds don't work for me as I would like to, right?

When I saw him a month ago, he mentioned to me not to worry about BT meds right now, just to make sure I keep my pain under contol (I had my last surgery almost 3 month ago) and to take it as much as I need it.
I wish I could leave without BT meds, but at this point i have no idea how can I leave with such a high level of pain.

Thank you for your posts, I am sure it helps many of us.
That is why we are all here: to share and support each other.:angel: