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They are probably going to give you a shot with either a narcotic medication(like toradol, demerol, morphine) or a numbing agent(lidocaine) or something which has both. Be careful and have someone drive you home because you might be "doped up" from the shot.

I agree with all the posts. Usually demerol, dilaudid or morphine are used for pain. Fent is usually used for anesthesia procedures with midazolam (versed). But for a "pain" shot it is usually one of the above.

My doc prescribes me demerol inj for at home. So I don't have to go into his office as much. Although I have been with him for years, and he has a very thick file on me... Its not real common, but convienant when there is severe pain.

Take Care

PS- like the others said, make sure you have a driver
Aranger is correct....It would more than likely be Demerol, which is the first line of defense for these type of situations. Pure Morphine is probably too potent for your condition and dilaudid just isn't all that popular among Docs and hospitals as most use Demrol. Fentanyl is the most potent of the bunch and is used to induce sleep. As a side note, it's also what the Russians used in the movie theatre massacre. It is a very popular germ / weaponry warfare agent.

Hope you feel better.

Locally, the gold standard has changed from morphine to Dilaudid in the ER. It's automatic, if a narcotic is ordered for pain control in the ER it's Dilaudid. It's been that way for quite some time. Demerol has made the black list due to toxicity from metabolites.

I even had fentanyl via PCA when I had a small bowel obstruction resolved surgically. This was back when I was on the Duragesic patches.