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Thank you everyone who's taken the time to speak to me about what is currently going on. You do not understand how much this means to me. I caved in last night (Monday, March 31, 2008) I couldn't take my back pain anymore. I went up to the local pharmacy and filled my Vic. Like I said before, I do not like taking Percocet and Vic anymore because I hate putting all that acetaminophen into my body. Per peoples post, I must be going thru withdrawal. I guess, I have stopped Oxycodone in the past, for a month at a time. . But never felt anything like this. I know for a fact that I have build a tolerance to it. That's why January of this year I started telling my back doctor about its effects and that I felt decreased relief from it. March it had no effect on my pain what so ever. I do know as well that some of the pain has actually spread to the middle of my back now. My left leg actually started to go numb recently. It's not consistently numb, but it does go like that back and forth. I just wish I didn't have to do all this doctor crap. I just want to take my medicine and be left alone. I just want my doctors to listen to me. I shouldn't have to go thru this month to month. I hate having chronic pain all the time. I hate that some people do not believe that I have chronic pain all the time. I hate that some of my family think I am making this up. I hate having to explain to people who do not suffer from chronic pain. I hate that some people advise me to just deal with it and that everyone has some type of chronic pain. I will see what I can do with the insurance company. I talked to a pharmacist on the phone today. He told me that there is non-narcotic medicines that can be made that are more effective then morphine. Has anyone hear of this? 10% Voltaren mixed with 50% DMSO and 5% Backlofen?
Dont get me wrong, it isnt a free for all in Australia - the health department does keep a close eye on narcotic prescribing, and if a doctor wants to treat a patient with morphine type drugs long term, he has to notify the health department. BUT the monitoring is done by doctors and pharmacists, and if they think a particular doctor is over prescribing, he will be visited by a doctor or pharmacist from the dangerous drugs branch, who will help him to change his ways, educate him on propper prescribing of these druhs. As a last resort, a doctor can be banned from prescribing narcotics.

The police play no part in any of this - they only deal with street drugs and dealers.