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Some opioids seems to activate what's referred to as an "excitatory pathway," which can actually jack a person up rather than cause a sedative effect. I believe oxycodone and hydrocodone both fall into this category. Demerol as well. I remember getting Demerol as a premedication before knee surgery as a kid and instead of the shot calming me down, it actually had me bouncing off the walls.

Sounds like this is happening. Is there any way to take the med much earlier before bedtime?

OPioids that do not activate this pathway include hydromorphone and morphine, which seem for most to have a defined sedative effect. Hydromorphone just puts me out, and it doesn't do mych for my pain at all. For others it's perfect.

We are all so different.

My insomnia is so bad that, after surgery, even though I was on a morphine drip and had been given Demerol, I was wide awake, though exhausted. My doctor was amazed. I find that I get sleepy many days on Lyrica, although if I try to stay active (not sitting on my butt), I can fight it. Hydrocodone/vicodin/loratab, etc., does not make me sleepy and doesn't really address my pain much, either.

Phenergan (aka Promethazine), the anti-nausea medication, has helped take the edge off for me when I can't sleep, and I take it every night to help with my insomnia. It also keeps my nausea at bay from taking so many other meds. Any chance you can get some? It might be helpful.

I totally agree with the paradoxical thing. I was given antidepressants when I was first being treated for my insomnia. Not only did I not sleep, but I got depressed!

I hope you get some sleep soon!