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I have had a MRI scan and been told I have a prolapse disc (I have a hospital appointment next week with a consultant) and I can't believe how much pain I am still in, I am taking Morphine and am also on Buprenorphine 10mcg patches. This all started begining of December and has gradually got worse. I am now starting to find it very difficult to cope with I find just trying to have a shower is just too painfull, and end up in tears. I am trying to stay positive and finding this forum is helpfull and positive. Any advice or comments would be a great help, just to know I am not alone is a positive.

Thanks in advance.

Dear Scrappin and Emily

Thank you so much for your comments they really helped, I had a good snooze this afternoon with a hot water bottle and a cushion between my legs.

I did call my doctor on friday as I was in so much pain and he told meto go to casualty, which I did and they upped my morphine dosage and just advised me to keep my appointment for next week.

It's just that feeling of being on my own all the time,( I do have a son at home that helps all he can, but it's usually me looking after him not the other way round )and thinking that no one else is in as much pain as me.

I will let you both know what the verdict is once I have been to the hospital and once again thanks for your help.

Maria :)
[FONT="Arial Narrow"][SIZE="3"]Maria,

I'm glad your doctor upped your morphine. It sounds like you have a good doctor and that's great when you have back problems b/c you never know how long you'll be having back problems. It's been 26 mths since my back problems started and instead of improving, new problems keep surfacing :(.

I'm sorry you are, for the most part, going through this alone. Even though I'm married and have a young son, I oftentimes feel lonely...I think it's hard for other people to completely understand what we're going through...we go from having a full life, free to go and do as we please, to a life of severe pain which limits every aspect of our lives...I know for me, I haven't been able to do simple things such as grocery shopping by myself in atleast 18 mths...heck, I don't even drive my car anymore b/c I'm afraid I'm too impaired from the pain meds and I certainly don't want to kill me and my family or someone else's. When I'm feeling down I find it helpful to post and/or reply to other people's threads on this board or over on the pain management board...it makes me feel so much better once I talk with others going through the same things as me. As time goes by, you'll see what I mean, the people here are great, they're compassionate and knowledgeable and it doesn't matter what time of the day or night you need someone to talk with, it seems like someone is always logged on.

Do you live in the United States? I only ask b/c you mention in your previous post how your doctor told you to go to casualty, and I've not heard someone use that word here in the US before.

I hope your pain is easier for you to control today.

Take care,