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First of all: my heart goes out to you. I had my second spinal fusion 3 month ago and I know what you are going through.
You absolutely have to have a good PM DR who will keep your pain under control. Make sure you are comminicating with him, this is the key. You don't speak out he has no idea something is wrong.
And don't presume if you take meds, they must help. Believe or not I was on LR Morphine and as BT - SR Morphine and guess what? It even didn't touch my pain. For some people it works miracle, for me did not work.
That is why you must let him/her know about it.

As we all know: you don't heal if you in that much pain. You can't sleep, you can't move, depression may set in ... talk to your DR, dear heart.

Many of us here have to change, adjust our meds often to achieve the goal. Nobody says we can be pain free, but if your level is 4-5 you are doing good than.

I hope this can help you somewhat.
Best of luck!:angel:
maybe some hardware issues here,maybe get it checked,after all that surgery should have some relief from pain.morphine didn't do nothing for me either except a belly ache.