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Hello all, thanks for reading this. I just found this site and well feel the need to vent and talk with other people in the same situation as me. I am only 33 years old and have been dealing with severe back pain for about 15 years. I have disc degeneration disease, disc herniations on three levels, spinal stenosis and neurological problems down my left leg resulting in a huge loss on strength in my left foot. I have tried Steroid spinal injection(4x's) numerous MRI's and CT scans, chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression, miliogram, discograms and a discectomy back on Dec of 05. I am facing my second surgery towards the end of the month. I have been to numerous doctors, some good and some bad and all very expensive. I am currently unable to work and really do nothing that I used to enjoy. I can not get excited by anything anymore, the things I used to love to do such as music fests no longer even put a smile on my face, I can no longer ride a motorcycle because I can not up-shift( my foot is that week) I am currently on pain meds and I have been for years now, morphine and tramadal are what I am currently taking. I am at the end of my rope, I see no light at the end of the tunnel only more pain.
Hello and thank you for the support. Back in December of 05 I had a lamenectomy/discectomy on L3-L4 which I got no relief from at all. I continued to live with this and seek alternative methods to control such as meds, chiropractice, pysical theropy, the DRX-9000(wish that machine was never invented) and spinal implants. Nothing got me relief aside from the pain meds, morphine an tramadol which is what I am on now. I went through this last round of work ups after lossing strength in my left foot. I have seen three surgions so far and it is looking like now it is L3/4 and L4/5 with a slight bulge in S1. I have my next appt. on the 15th of this month to hopefully schedual something. I am going back to school ad had to take off this semester for this sergury which one doctor told me that I needed it asap and I could get it done within a week. That was my first opinion. The second an third opinions wanted more tests to be done such as mileograms and a discogram, ouch, that wasn't very pleasent at all! Te doctor in Minneapolis basicaly told me to live with the pain if I could and a fusion is not really recomened at this time, but it could be done but the thing is he dosn't know how much it will help me, therefore he kinda of ruled against it. So now I just want the presure off of my nerves which will include a double discectomy and decompression sergury burt I will know more on the 15th. I really want my foot back! The pain in my back in tremendous but atleast it still reponds to my brain where as my foot is so slugish it makes me fall from time to time when it doesn't pick up when I tell it too, walking up staires is the worst. Tomorrow morning I get to go see my pain management nurse and hopefully she will up my dose as right now I get a low dose of morphine from her and my GD gives me a limited supply of tramadol, therefore the amount I am able to take to make it last the entire month is just to low of a dose to really help much anymore, it does help, just not all that much. UNTIL NEXT TIME TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES!