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Hi Mattie, Part of the problem your may be running into is trying ot describe a need for an increase when you rate your pain a 3. Even morphine pumps don't shoot to eliminate that much pain. If a pump is reducing your pain 50% or keeping you in the 5 range, my doc would look at me cross eyed if I asked for an increase at the same time I'm I rating my pain as a 3 even on my best day. In their minds a 3 shouldn't even bring you to the doc. Take motrin, take it easy and thank god your not dealing with anything more severe. Rather than focusing on your diagnsosis and your understanding of it, try to work on comunicateing what you expect from pain management. If your goals and expectations don't seem reasonable in a docs eyes, your never going to be satisfied regardless of how aggresively they treat your pain. You make it sounds like an increase should be expected after 3 months at the same dose. Does this process just continue for the rest of your life, a 25% increase every 3 months.

I've been on the same dose for up to 30 months without needing an increase. That's something many folks new to PM don't understand, although some degree of tolerance is innevatable, if your shooting for an unrealistic goal, it won't take long to become dissatisfied with the amount of pain reduction you recieve regardless of the dose. Wanting to remain virtually pain free because the first time you took percocet it reduced 90% of your pain isn't realistic.

Regardless of the DX and your professional understanding of that DX, your description of the pain your dealing with doesn't match the silly number rating system we all have to use. I'm not suggesting you pump up your numbers, I've used the number 10 about 3 times n 15 years and 3 surgeries. I crunch , grind and squeek with every step from 3 failed fusions and broken hardware from L1-S1. The real differene between you and me seems to be in our expectation of pain relief which is a huge factor in patient satisfaction and the way docs will treat you.
Good luck, Dave