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Thanks Pepper, I can't tell you how good it is to have had a good nights sleep. I have been in awful pain lately so much so that I haven't posted much. I just did not have the energy and the morphine was doing next to nothing to relieve it. Every part of my body that had a joint was hurting. I just couldn't even do the simplest tasks, and the weather here has certainly been contributing to the pain. It has been chilly and rainy with high humidity and I have noticed that these conditions really have a huge effect on my pain levels. When I went to the hospital yesterday my pain was about a nine and when I left it was a very manageable 5. Of course they give you pretty good meds during the prolotherapy-fentanyl and versaid. I asked my pm about failed back syndrome ( I was thinking of you) and she said that prolo had helped a lot of failed back patients. I wonder if this might be something for you to try? Anyway while I was hurting I thought of you and I was wishing you could see my doctor she is awesome and I am not sure I would survive this stuff without her. I am somewhat concerned about being on the duragesic patch though, that is pretty hard core medicine and I am supposed to take morphine for break through pain. That said, I feel a zillion times better than I have in awhile. I just dread going to my GP tomorrow and telling them about my new meds. The doctor is pretty cool about it but the nurses sometimes make remarks that hurt my feelings. I wish they could live in my body for 24 hours and see how they handled it. Take Care Pepper and remember I am always thinking of you! Dee