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I too am wondering if the DRX caused me additional problems. I also hated every minute of being stretched on the table! Not at all plesent and relaxing like they say it is! It has been less than one year since my 20 session treatment plan for 5k and now my left foot is extremly week due t nerve damage and I am on morphine for the pain. Not at all what I expected obviously. I feel that they totaly took advantage of me and never should have accepted me as a canadate for this. I mean when somebody has been dealing with severe chronic pain for years and a doc tells them that they can be totaly fixed? You can not put a price on being pain free, too bad he was full of crap! But how does a person prove that the treatments did in fact do us more harm than good? I would love to prove it and take them to court. Not only is the pain bad but the mental stress as well. I was so enthusiastic about these treatments and being pain free that it was really helping my depression, I was finaly starting to come out of the funk I have been feeling for many years. Wow the thought of being pain free, no more pain pills, just living a pain free life is to me would be better than winning the lottery. I was actually talking to people once again, calling up friends and looking forward to getting on with life again. When that quakropractore failed to produce any results for me, I mean none, not better but worse for 5k. Needless to say the thought of not ever waking up again was sounding better than it did before. bad back or not