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I've had a pain pump since 2004. I've got morphine,bivitucaine, and clonodine in mine. Wow its the best thing thats happened to me for pain. I can do almost anything including picking up my small grandkids which I couldnt do , or think of doing before. I was almost always knocked out on drugs and wasting my life away. The only time I was not in pain was when I was asleep.(when I could sleep that is)
The only draw back is that I cant pass a drug test. My Doctor gives me a waiver but going that route is a pain in itself. I've only had one company refuse me employment.
To get back to the pain-pump. well I'd say "go for it"
Marc from Mt
59 years young
[QUOTE=SKZ;2812441]Do you go to a pain management Dr? I have a friend who goes to one (I did before the surgery) and he has one of those pump implants and likes it. I really hope you go to a pain Dr.

I tried the spinal cord stimulator by medtronics, the trial version anyways, it did not work for me ands I am currently on time released morphine pills, I wonder how a morphine pump works compared to just taking the pill?