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Hi PaininZ, I had my pump implanted about the time prialt was being tested and then aproved. There is one doc in my area using it and it is an option down the road. From what I understand it is expensive and although it makes sense to try a non opiate first, I'm surprised insurance goes for it.

I have had good luck with my pump. It did take 6 months and 16 adjustments to find the right dose of morphine, and I'm realistic about how much relief I'm going to get given the instability of a failed 6 level fusion. I talk to my docs all the time to se if they have any prialt patients yet and they don't so far due to cost of the med,and the unpredictable side effects. Unfortuantely prialts' side effdt profile is kiinda scarry for those that do have problems. Their more of the psych nature, psychotic breaks, etc na a portion of patients. However if you fall into the group that can handle this med, would exect good results. Sounds to me like it's one of those drugs that works well for those who can tolertate and there just isn't a middle ground, If yyou can't tolerate it, you don'ty stay un it because of the sevrity of side effects. Not to scare you, nothing is permanant, But it would certainly help to have a doc in the group with psych exp should something go wrong. It just so happens one of the docs in my groups is a psychiatrist/neurologist, so I would feel vcomfy giving it shot where I'm at shpould the med I'm prsently on become intolerable.

The good thing is you get to do a trial or even two. My first pump trial failed miserably due to a spinal fluid leak, It took anothr 7 months to get the nevre to do it again. A succesfull trial should be a fair indicator of the outcome.

Please keep us posted, I woud love to hear your experience, If you don't handle prialt, delivery of opiates through the pump Vs orals is like night and day as far as cognative side effects. I had the pump put in, starterd excercising and returned to work part time. I could be the poster boy for pumps, but not everyone is so lucky.
take care, DaveC