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[COLOR="Navy"]I'm afraid it's going to be a long weekend in our house. I had my appointment with my PM today. Don't get me wrong. I think my PM comes close to walking on water and had even begged Pepper to come up and see him last summer before she got her current doctor. This screw up isn't even his fault. It's the insurance companys!

My la morphine has started to lose effectiveness around the 8/9 hour mark this past month. At first I was attributing it to the weather which hasn't been the best. The rain and the damp with the temps hovering in the high 30-low 40 range makes the rods and screws in my back scream and that causes the ribs to ache and my legs to dance. That and work has been more hectic than usual so I was just assuming that it was a combination of all of these things put together. But the more I started to think about it, the more I was figureing out that it was the drug that was failing me, not the weather and everything else.

So today when I was in, my doc was asking all of the usual questions. My hubby was along and gave me a nudge and said, what about the morphine. So I asked him if I was imagining the fact that the med was giving out on me around 8 hours. He just looked as me and said no. But I had to ask if he meant the drug was giving our or no I was wrong. He said it probably was after the length of time I've been on it. My next question was, short of chewing my leg off-which gets rather messy at work, what can we do? I was hoping that he would offer to just give me morphine x3 a day. Nope. His goal is to get me on fewer pills, not more, and people tend to miss that afternoon pill. Now I beg to diagree. If you are in pain there ain't no way I am going to miss that pill. When you spend time watching the big hand go round and round so you can get the little hand to move enough to take a pill I rather doubt that you are going to miss it. I supoose that I could have told him that I have Bob- you know that egg shaped clock that bobs and wobbles- that I could have set to go off at 3 pm to remind me to take it. But my back and hip do a good enough job of reminding me. I don't need no stinking clock to remind me!

Anyway, he wants me to try Avinza for the next two months. He is in favor of it because it is a 24 hour 1 time a day pill. But after ready some posts about it, I'm not too sure. And to top it off, I get home to find out that I need preauthorization for it...which I can't get until he opens again on Monday. So it will be Tuesday before I will probably get that back from CAREFIRST. I will have to get some extra morphine to tide me over. I run out Sunday. Should be an interesting start to the week. It will mean having to get him to write me a script for some morphine which I have to leave the message for him with his nurse which has to be relayed, and then when I hear from her I can stop at his office for the script. My pharmacy of choice is the opposite direction from work...This med is losing it's appeal and I haven't even had one pill yet.

The one good piece of news was the bone density scan came back clean. Although my bones are brittle, there is no osteoporosis. So the only other good thing about the appointment was that I got out of work on a Friday before 5:30.....
I would seriously think about calling his emergency pager or whatever number he gives in an emergency so he could call in some of the morphine to tide you over until you can possibly get the Avinza. Do you not have any extra pills to tide you over or anything else you could use? Just trying to think out loud here

[COLOR="Navy"]Pepper, you're gonna love this...took two days for verification to come in. My pharmacy of choice doesn't stock it, so they have to order it, and with a little bit of luck I should see it on -oh-say Friday. I did pick up a script for la morphine, enough for a week, which should cover me until this "wonderful" new drug comes it. In the mean time, I have taken my second morphine and it is just about covering the pain. I have been off of them long enough that I've gotten all wrapped up. I was in the hot tub at midnight last night. Saw all the hours of the clock go around last night..that's the second night in a row..I can only go so long on cat naps and keep working. I think by the time I take the evening pill tonight I should be caught up on the pain-i hope-either that or I'm chewing my left leg off above the knee and the right at the calf....sigh.....I and not smiling, I'm gritting my teeth, thank you very much. oh well.......
[COLOR="Navy"]Sigh.... day three back on the morphine. It is almost ocvering the pain. I am taking bt meds every 4 hours. I spend almost as much time watching the clock as I do breathing. I did sleep last night..thank heavens. Now if I could get rid of some of residual pain............
I am glad that you got some sleep that is excellent news. I have not slept good in the past 2 weeks - my daughter has pnemonia again.:( Nebs around the clock every 4 hours admist non-stop coughing, coughing, coughing. Ughhh!

You know what is going to happen, right? The morphine will start kicking in just in time for the new med to arrive....:D

How is Ella? Have you been keeping her locked up in the car again?

Take care and you know that I am praying for you.