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Hi all, I hope everyone is having a good day. My PM doctor just started me on the duragesic patch as of April 2, I also take morphine sulfate, Zanaflex and Ativan. My question is this, I am still taking 3 of the morphine 3 times a day for breakthrough pain. ( I used to take it 6 times a day) Should I still be taking this much for break through pain? or does it just take awhile for the duragesic to build up in the blood stream to be more effective? My dosage on the patch is 75 mcg every 3 days. Thanks in advance. Dee
I will try to answer some of your questions real quick so you don't have to go reading through the other posts. I am a little concerned that he started you out on the 75mcg patch but I am assuming that you were taking an equivalent dose of morphine or some other narcotic medication before the switch. You should also be aware that the level will fluctuate in your blood stream and be fairly level after 1 week. However, it will take at least 2 weeks for it to completely stabilize so it is recommended not to do an increase until after the 18th or 19th day when it completely stabilizes.

As Ex said most people on the boards find that they need to be on a 48 hour schedule (changing shedule) rather than a 72 hour schedule. Everyone is different but if you start noticing the pain increased after 48 hours and you start to experience some minor withdrawal then please tell your doctor you might need to go to the 48 hour schedule. Also, many many people find that the Brand (Duragesic) or the generic (Sandoz) work MUCH, MUCH BETTER than the generic MYLAN. Many, many pharmacies are starting to stock the MYLAN generic brand because it is cheaper but you have the right to request and have the other generic(Sandoz) ordered.

I hope that I have answered all of your questions. I am getting a little tired so I may have missed something. good luck on the patch and let us know how it is working and if you have any other questions. But, please do check out the other recent posts about the patch that Ex so graciously listed.