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:(Hi all,

Lowered pain levels very short lived!!!!! On to the next thing

Well here we go! :( I have had an elevated pain level again. For the last two days I have refrained from doing much of anything because I did not want to aggrivate things any more than they already were.

I will be calling my PM in the morning and asking to be seen sooner.

Actually, I was looking at the appointment card that they gave me the day of the facet block (last Friday) and I realized that the date was further out than he usually makes it after having a procedure. I then counted the BT meds I have he did not prescribe enough to last that period of time. He usually makes the appointments 2 weeks apart and prescribes for that time frame, but my appoinment was made for 17 out from the procedure and that would ultamatly leave me with not enough medication.

So when I call I will ask if I can be seen sooner or if he wants to call and talk with me thats fine to. I will still need to change the appointment either way.

Yes I am somewhat bummed about the possibility of having to go back up on the Morphine sulfate but if thats what needs to happen than I am all for that. At least when I was on the higher dose I was able to be more active.

I know you all warned me but I just had to try and see how it would play out. I did alright for a while but now the pain levels are back up and I am not willing to stay at these higher levels so I am sure that my PM and I can work it out.

Sometimes I feel like I make a little progress and then before I know it I am back to the same old thing!!! Two steps forwards then 3 steps back.

I have not lost my hope for a better future, all this situation showed me is that it is not time for a decrease yet.

This Friday I will be seeing my Neuro for a check up. It will be interesting to see what he says about my neck and what he thinks is the next step from here.
My attorney has asked him for a narrative of my case and he would like my neuro to include what he feels will be needed in the future as far as all treatments pertaining to my neck. We are waiting for that to come in and when that happens I will post to let you all know.

Anyway, I am somewhat concerned that I still am not feeling better at this point. It will be 90 days post-op tomorrow. I for sure had anticipated to have felt somewhat better than I am by this point in th recovery process.

Right now I really have to remember all the good stuff and not focus on the stuff that is negative. I have a great life and I have accomplished many things since I have been sober. I am gratful to be alive and realistically I do have everything I need.

I am also a firm believer that if God brings me to it then he WILL see me through it!!!

Keep me in your thoughts!!!
Love you all Chrissy

This morning I feel a little better, but I am still calling the doctor about the raised levels.

I checked the amount of Morphine that he prescribed and I would not have enough of those either. It was a mistake on calculations of amounts of meds or a mistake making the appoinment that far out. Either way I am calling this morning for those two reasons.

I had a kind of emoitional day yesterday and I know that when that happens it does not help my body any at all. It also got really windy and gusty here. Almost knocked me down on my way to the afternoon class. It was a very cold biting wind.

Today I have a dentist appointment but other than that I am sticking close to home and taking a break from schoolwork and everything else. I feel the need to curl up on the couch and watch TV and read a novel. LOL.
A lazy day and I am entitled...LOL

Thanks for the support

Such expectations...lol

I am not having a very good day with the pain today. I did take a walk today because I was feeling pretty good this morning. A slow short walk,but I went to school early to take a quiz and as I was taking it all of a sudden I just started to feel really bad.

My neck always feels as though the nerves are burning but this was bad. I finished the test and had time to relax before the next class and I remembered that I had not taken my BT meds before school. OOPS...No BIG OOOPPPPSSS!!!

As the regualr class lecture was taking place I actually had to get up and leave the room and splash wayer on my face because I felt dizzy and nausiated. Once again thank God for tape recorders. I was gone from the lecture room for 20 minutes.
When I got home I took the break through meds and laid down. That helped a little so I ate dinner (something light) and that was good. But now it is time to take my night dose of Morphine sulfate and I am still at a 8. YUCK.

I can not call the PM because he does procedures on Fridays. It will have to wait til monday.

I will be seeing the Neuro tomorrw morning at 9 am so I am looking forward to hear what he has to say. I would like to have a discogram to see if my discs are the actual cause of my pain. I just do not understand why I still feel this bad at 92 days Post-op.

Brian, I actually took fairly good care of my teeth while drinking and using Methamphetamines, but God sparred me of problems with my teeth from methamphetamine use. He also sparred me of aging past my actual age from drugging and drinking. I got lucky with the teeth and the skin. The problem is that I had a bad car accident many many many years ago. It had been raining for 2 weeks straight and I hit a wash (very large puddle) right before a small stream bridge and my car hydroplaned into a telephone pole. I had my seat belt on but it was only a lap belt and my mouth took the entire force of the accident by hitting the steering wheel. The steering wheel was actually bent over from my mouth hitting it. Nothing else happened to me other thean my teeth beeing smashed. The top worse than the bottom. I had a small bridge to repair it that was later broken when a small toyota P/U hit me while I was crossing the street. I got really messed up in that one and spent 5 days in ICU then went to a physical recovery center because I had broken my pelvis in five places.

Back to your question, I have signifigan Bone loss due to the trauma to my bottom teeth in the first accident. I was sober it those accidents meaning I had not had any drugs or alcohol in me for 24 hours prior to the accident.

HMMMMMM!!!!!!!! You think GOD is taking care of me or WHAT!!!

It is a wonder I have not died yet. I really thought I was past those kinds of adversities but here we are with worse injuries now. I just try to do the best I can..ya know.

I will be thinking of you as you stop the Ultram. I will ask that you be lifted up into the care of Your Higher Power. Let him hold you and take care of you!!:angel::angel::angel::angel::angel:

I gotta go lay down. I have already been up to long and typing is bothering my neck and wrists
good night all....